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”Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you”. – Anonymous

This famous quote has been an important guide for me on my track to self-improvement. Therefore I am searching for IT conferences and communities all over the world where I can meet like-minded souls.


With over 2200 attendees from over 42 countries, the Craft Conf is one of the most popular IT-craft conferences in the world. As one of the grateful invites to the diversity program, I now finally had the chance to be a part of it as well.

This opportunity provided me to meet crafters, share experiences, hear and learn something new. And to enjoy the culture of Budapest of course!


One of the most interesting things I experienced was a Coding Dojo workshop. Doing #mobprogramming with 10+ other people and having Emily Bache and Llewellyn Falco as facilitators was a great experience about which I will write more in one of the upcoming posts.


Don’t watch these talks 😉
Emily Bache – Technical Leadership and Empowered Teams
Portia Tung – Unleash your play brain
Llewellyn Falco – From 0% to Cleanly Refactored 100% tested code
Michael Nir – Persuading the Bear
Martin Fowler and Birgitta Bockeler – Cultivating Architecture
Nick Tune – Domain-Driven Design: Hidden Lessons from the Big Blue Book
Julie Lerman – Dev and Test Agility for your Database with Docker

You can find other interesting talks from the Craft Conf at their official YouTube Channel.

Wonderful energy, wonderful people, great organization and sponsors. I definitely recommend to everyone with an IT-related profession to visit this conference. In particular, I would like to appeal to women to make use of the opportunity and apply for a diversity program. Each year around spring time the applications open at the official CraftConf website.

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