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Gratitude and Reviews


Collaborating with Olgica Boosts Coding Abilities and Mindset

I had a great time doing pair-programming with Olgica Djuric. The sessions helped me learn and reinforce good practices for making both our program and code better. We learned the refactoring recipes to make the code testable. Next to that we learned the significance of daily mind-maps that force you to think back on what we did to learn what worked, what can be improved, and what should be changed to make the development experience more pleasant and effective.

Our code and coding practices are much improved after the sessions we had with her. The number of test cases we are now able to create and maintain have increased 50-times over.

Mr Kishore Annavarapu

Lead Software Engineer, Orange Software

An Outstanding Developer and Problem Solver

I had the pleasure of working with Olgica for two years at the NTsystems Company, collaborating on several projects.

She is a highly qualified, great developer and real problem solver.
As a team member, Olgica earns my highest recommendation.

Mr Nikola Marcetic

Lead Software Developer, Go, K8s

Olgica’s Dedication and Patience Inspires Personal Growth

Working with Olgica helped me put myself first and realize that it’s not all about numbers and variables.

By selflessly sharing experiences and tools, dedication and patience, she inspired me to make a winning move in a lost position, after which a whole range of wonderful, previously unknown combinations opened up for me.

Olgica is someone who uses every moment, situation and opportunity to work on herself, who absolutely believes and lives every word she advises you.

Ms Savica Tomovic

Lead Software Engineer, Logate

Mental Fitness Program Transforms Life

The mental fitness program has been a life-changing experience for me. At first, I gained a better understanding of my personality and began working to develop healthier habits and a healthier mindset. The daily guided sessions and one-on-one discussions with a mentor have been incredibly helpful. I’m grateful to Olgica for serving as my mentor and friend throughout this journey. Thank you for your excellent work.

Ms Ondina Kovacs

Entrepreneur, Senior Physiotherapist, Connect Health

Excited for Each New Week of Self-Discovery

I’m really excited for each new week of mental fitness training. I feel like I’ve learned more about myself in these past few weeks than I have in several years of self-reflection. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue learning and growing through the mental fitness program.

Ms Renata Ilic

Digital Creator, Pola Metra Teksta

Olgica’s training program helped me stay strong and supported during my master’s studies, fostering resilience and mental well-being

When I started the mental fitness program, I was on my way to the final master’s studies, Olgica opened my horizons regarding the program and helped me come to a solution on my own and not give up on my goal, while giving some basics and mental encouragement.
While I was doing my master’s thesis, I was in the program and it helped me to come back to myself several times a day, in order to recharge my batteries and be ready for further challenges. Olgica was my support all the time, we had various discussions and topics and as a lecturer she is great, but also as a support in the whole process of building mental muscles! recommendation! 💕

Ms Milica Simunovic

Master Degree, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia