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Problem Solver. Creative Technologist. 

Hi, I am Olgica

This website serves as a base for expressing my passion for personal, professional, and functional development. Also, I will write about various topics, but mostly on soft skills and personal experiences in my life and professional engagements. With joy and happiness, I share with you these experiences in order to bring you as much value as possible. 

Some of you know me in the role of Full-stack Developer, some of Software Engineer, some of Software Architect, some of Technical Agile Coach, some of Mental Fitness Coach, some of Reiki Therapist… However, through any of these roles, I work with you on problem solving, and provide you tools, techniques, and paths that can help you in your development of personal, professional, and functional life areas. Check them out and let’s meet.


I had a great time doing pair-programming with Olgica Đurić. The sessions helped me learn and reinforce good practices for making both our program and code better.
We learned the refactoring recipes to make the code testable. We learned the significance of daily mind-maps that force you to think back on what we did to learn what worked, what can be improved, and what should be changed to make the development experience more pleasant and effective.
Our code and coding practices are much improved after the sessions we had with her.
The number of test cases we are now able to create and maintain has increased 50-times over.
Mr Kishore Annavarapu

Lead Software Engineer, Orange Software

I had the pleasure of working with Olgica for two years at the NTsystems Company, collaborating on several projects. She is a highly qualified, great developer and real problem solver. As a team member, Olgica earns my highest recommendation.

Mr Nikola Marčetić

Lead Software Developer/Go/K8s

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