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Problem Solver

At the age of 5 I learnt to play chess. Ever since I have been into the game: It helped me to develop a problem solving mindset and analytical skills which nowadays I use in everyday programming tasks.

Creative Technologist

I have chosen the computer as a medium to express my creativity.
Olgica Djuric

Olgica Djuric

Novi Sad, Republic Of Serbia

As a child I grew up on the countryside in a traditional environment. Therefor I learnt to appreciate a sustainable way of living.
My toys usually were my grandma’s and uncle’s tools with which I would build and fix (and also destroy!) many things.

Ever since middle school I knew that I wanted to become an engineer and that it had to do something with computers. During ’90s a friend of mine would bring her Commodore 64 to play with. I only got my first PC when I was 13. There was Photoshop installed on it and I immediately made my own personal card with the self-awarded title of ‘Computer Engineer’.
In Novi Sad I finished High Mechanical school, where I graduated in the domain of Mechanical technique for computer construction.

I hold a BA degree in Software & IT at Faculty Of Technical Science in Novi Sad.

I believe in lifelong learning and development.

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